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    I know this will shock most people, but when people are depressed, it actually makes us feel better when people say “you are totally entitled to be sad because of that- that sucks!” and vent with us rather than having all this fake positive bullshit shoved down our throats and making us feel as though we are not entitled to have emotions about things.

    Lil rant, the guy I’m dating right now has this really bad habit of saying, “It’s ok, it’s just your depression, I’ll cheer you up” when I pick him up an apologize in advance if I’m a little down which 1. There is nothing “just” about my depression it’s a pretty big, life threatening elephant in the room, 2. I don’t want to cheer up, I want to feel my damn feelings, I am not apologizing for having said feelings, I am apologizing for changing the plan from whatever we were supposed to be doing to “eat food, lay in bed, pout.”

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    So I felt like singing the only atheist hymn I know. By myself. In my room. Very loudly.

    Also that’s my leg i didn’t want to actually clap but i needed a beat.

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    My method of fighting off the demons clearly trying to bust in my door: belt showtunes and record it.

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    I am 21 years old and I will not be entering my kitchen again until morning because I am home alone and there are so many windows down there like what if i look up and there is SOMEONE IN THE WINDOWS I’M ALL BY MYSELF I CAN’T FIGHT THEM OFF

  5. I think one thing you can do to help your friends who are depressed is to reach out to them not in the spirit of helping, but in the spirit of liking them and wanting their company. “I’m here to help if you ever need me” is good to know, but hard to act on, especially when you’re in a dark place. Specific, ongoing, pleasure-based invitations are much easier to absorb. “I’m here. Let’s go to the movies. Or stay in and order takeout and watch some dumb TV.” “I’m having a party, it would be really great if you could come for a little while.” Ask them for help with things you know they are good at and like doing, so there is reciprocity and a way for them to contribute. “Will you come over Sunday and help me clear my closet of unfashionable and unflattering items? I trust your eye.” “Will you read this story I wrote and help me fix the dialogue?” “Want to make dinner together? You chop, I’ll assemble.” “I am going glasses shopping and I need another set of eyes.” Remind yourself why you like this person, and in the process, remind them that they are likable and worth your time and interest.

    Talk to the parts of the person that aren’t being eaten by the depression. Make it as easy as possible to make and keep plans, if you have the emotional resources to be the initiator and to meet your friends a little more than halfway. If the person turns down a bunch of invitations in a row because (presumably) they don’t have the energy to be social, respect their autonomy by giving it a month or two and then try again. Keep the invitations simple; “Any chance we could have breakfast Saturday?” > “ARE YOU AVOIDING ME BECAUSE YOU’RE DEPRESSED OR BECAUSE YOU HATE ME I AM ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU.” “I miss you and I want to see you” > “I’m worried about you.” A depressed person is going to have a shame spiral about how their shame is making them avoid you and how that’s giving them more shame, which is making them avoid you no matter what you do. No need for you to call attention to it. Just keep asking. “I want to see you” “Let’s do this thing.” “If you are feeling low, I understand, and I don’t want to impose on you, but I miss your face. Please come have coffee with me.” “Apology accepted. ApologIES accepted. So. Gelato and Outlander?”

    #613: How do I reach out to my friends who have depression? | Captain Awkward

    P.S. A lot of people with depression and other mental illnesses have trouble making decisions or choosing from a bunch of different options. “Wanna get dinner at that pizza place on Tuesday night?” is a LOT easier to answer than “So wanna hang out sometime? What do you want to do?”

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She’s looking dreamy but probably thinking about winds and waves and learning things.


    She’s looking dreamy but probably thinking about winds and waves and learning things.

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    Omg. Yesss to that hashtag.

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    found the best twitter 

    She’s right about the hair though.

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    Micheal Brown is being laid to rest today. The family has asked for a day of peace without protest during the funeral proceedings. #staywoke #insolidarity

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    mods are asleep post fat beagle


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  11. dancingatbraebent said: Do you have pictures of your owl and are they tagged.



    Here he is looking fluffy because he’s getting protective over a MASSIVE RAT he had for dinner.

    There are a couple more, tagged as #kash. which, handily, is his name.

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    Creepy monster drawing by Don Kenn. All of them were drawn on post its. More of his work here

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    our owl slipped his leash and flew off and we can’t find him anywhere

    ways to make friends: cycle around the streets with a falconry glove on one hand and a dead chick in the other, while making owl noises


    holy shit we’d all been looking for hours, i make a dumb post about it and get a phone call saying that he was found in a field giving people the evil eyes.

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    when thinking about your ot3, consider this:

    • which two team up to try and stop the other from buying ugly furniture for the house?

    • which one is always bringing home silly hats to put on the more serious partner’s head?

    • which one is constantly talking with their mouth full, and which partner gets offended by their bad manners?

    • who does the taxes

    • who tries to help with the taxes and only makes it more difficult

    • which partner is morally against paying taxes

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    Ok but there are literally statues that exist todaya nda re on display where people can see them like you can jsut SEE them that are over 2000 years old I’m not ok I’m not ok with any stone lasting that long.